Plasma Fibroblast treatment "Tips for Eyes"

General - PLASMA - FIBROBLAST Tips for eye treatments

Before Treatment

      Suggest to your client in taking an antihistamine 1 day prior to their appointment to help with possible edema / swelling and continue to take antihistamines for 2-3 days following their appointment

      Inform your client It's advisable using fibroblast in conjunction with Botox to paralyze facial muscles causing dynamic wrinkles if they don’t want the wrinkles back! You can do plasma 3 weeks after Botox or 3 weeks prior to plasma treatment. It could take for some up to three + treatments combined with Botox, or it will return, Botox treatment is not a permanent solution, and the results last around 4-6 months. Once the effects start to fade, it is possible for client to repeat treatment

      Always Pre-treat your client with Fitzpatrick 3 skin or higher, “especially for darker skin tones”. See detailed pre-treatment to avoid PIH in book 6 chapter 7

During Treatment

      see Chapter 6 for each topic in e-book 6 Topics: Brows - Upper eyes - Ptosis - Droopy eyelid - Heavy eyelid Fat banks - Crow’s foot - Under eyes - Eye Combo - Bags under eyes - Dark Circles - Plasma Fibroblast Treatment Procedure for eyes - Possible causes of Eye Swelling

      No one person’s Mapping for eyes will be the same, because everybody’s skin condition, lines and wrinkles differ

      When considering the wrinkle treatment options, it is important to identify the sort of wrinkles that need to be fixed. i.e., dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles & deep lines

      NB! Be very careful to not get the numbing cream in your client’s eyes "Only use Emla numbing cream or similar near the very rim of eyes" All other numbing creams could result into damage or a cornea burn that can bring blindness if it should get into the eye

      Use a template to work more accurate and neatly

      Do not use any facial wipes, toners or products containing alcohol

      Always pre- treat eyes with Artelac eye drops or similar for precaution

      Do minimum 2 – 3 rows around wrinkles before swelling sets in to get a better outcome and never dot inside a wrinkle!

      Depending on your pen settings always use the lower settings to be safe if you are new to this

Healing Time

      Healing period normally: 5 - 7 days for all eye area

      Initially edema / swelling could occur

      Post-care is VERY important

      Inform your client to do nothing immediately after treatment, it is essential that the treated area is not wet for about 48 hours post-treatment. (There must be no contact to water or saline water during this time) and no lotions/creams!!! to keep treated area dry! If you follow the dry healing method

Extracts for this article is from e- Book 6 on Eye treatment ( In-depth training study series)

As technicians, we should refrain from claiming miraculous results after just one treatment to our clients. You can never foretell how a person's outcomes would turn out. Each person's skin reacts and heals differently.

  • Always be honest and upfront with your clients...your reputation is far more valuable than a quick buck.
  • Preparation is crucial in this industry, as is informing your clients of this possibility! And if your client achieves amazing results after only one treatment, this should be considered a plus. I always, but always inform my clients about this possibility, and they are happy to return for follow-ups if necessary.
  • You could charge a discounted or half price for a follow-up treatment, as long as its within 6 - 9 months of the original treatment.

Please note! All in this article is based on our own experience and does not represent the views of any other salon or establishment.

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ROSASS strongly advises each of you to research your local legislation and/or governing boards. It is your sole responsibility to check and clarify all rules and regulations pertaining to your country, state, city, and county if you are planning to perform Plasma Fibroblast treatments.

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