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Neck and Jaw lift treatments

  Extracts  study series) from e-  Book 6  on Neck and Jowl lift treatment ( Indepth training General - PLASMA - FIBROBLAST Tips for Neck and Jaw lift treatments QUESTION  " I have a saggy neck I want treated. can you please give me some advice " ANSWER "If your double chin is not related to your weight, it may be genetic in origin. Since Plasma Fibroblast unfortunately does not eliminate fat pockets under the neck, you can look at the following alternative treatments". In depth explanation Plasma fibroblast will be good for skin rejuvenation and some tightening for anti-aging. T his  treatment is specifically to tighten lose skin; therefore, you will see the best improvements on creepy loose skin. Sadly, it doesn't get rid of the fatty parts under the skin. But if there is any loose skin present, the skin layer over the fat areas will tighten. If you do have loose skin in this area, Plasma fibroblast procedure for a jaw and neck lift will vary from person to pe

Plasma Firoblast Tips for Eyes

 Extracts from e-  Book 6 on Eye treatment ( Indepth training study series) General - PLASMA - FIBROBLAST Tips for eye treatments Tips for Newley trained Plasma Fibroblast technicians . As technicians, we should refrain from claiming miraculous results after just one treatment to our clients. You can never foretell how a person's outcomes would turn out. Each person's skin reacts and heals in a different way. Always be honest and upfront with your clients...your reputation is far more valuable than a quick buck. Preparation is crucial in this industry, as is informing your clients of this possibility! And if your client achieves amazing results after only one treatment, this should be considered a plus. I always, but always inform my clients about this possibility, and they are happy to return for follow-ups if necessary. You could charge a discounted or half price for a follow up treatment, as long as its within 6 - 9 months of original treatment. You can read t

Know your Moles

TIPS (FOR THERAPISTS) NB!  Before attempting to remove a mole or growth, always ask your client for a note from their doctor or dermatologist approving the procedure. When looking for moles on the body or face of your client, ask them if any changes in size, colour, or shape. Itching, bleeding, or crusting of moles occurred, these are signals that your client should schedule an appointment with their dermatologist or doctor to have the moles examined asap. Know your Moles Know the ABCDEs when checking the moles and have them professionally checked by a GP or Dermatologist for all concerns: ·         A - Asymmetry – one half doesn’t match the other half ·         B - Borders – the mole has uneven borders ·         C - Colour – there is a variety of colours in the mole (brown, tan, or black) ·         D - Diameter – the mole has grown larger than a pencil eraser (¼ inch) ·         E - Evolution – the mole has evolved in size, shape, colour, elevation, or they have noticed