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Plasma Fibroblast treatment "Tips for Eyes"

General - PLASMA - FIBROBLAST Tips for eye treatments Before Treatment •       Suggest to your client in taking an antihistamine 1 day prior to their appointment to help with possible edema / swelling and continue to take antihistamines for 2-3 days following their appointment •       Inform your client It's advisable using fibroblast in conjunction with Botox to paralyze facial muscles causing dynamic wrinkles if they don’t want the wrinkles back! You can do plasma 3 weeks after Botox or 3 weeks prior to plasma treatment. It could take for some up to three + treatments combined with Botox, or it will return, Botox treatment is not a permanent solution, and the results last around 4-6 months. Once the effects start to fade, it is possible for client to repeat treatment •       Always Pre-treat your client with Fitzpatrick 3 skin or higher, “especially for darker skin tones”. See detailed pre-treatment to avoid PIH in book 6 chapter 7 During Treatment •        see Chapte

Plasma Fibroblast "Scarring and Acne Spots"

 Are you unsure of the best ways to treat scarring with plasma fibroblast? In order to address some of your questions and discuss the benefits of plasma fibroblast for scars here are some valuable tips.   For acne scarring: ·          The client's primary focus should be in treating the acne before addressing the scars. Because treating acne is simpler than treating acne scars, it is crucial to treat the acne first because once acne scars have formed, they are extremely challenging to remove.   ·          You should never do Plasma Fibroblast or micro-needling on active acne. If active acne is present, ask the client to visit a dermatologist to get the acne under control. Always advise your client that plasma treatment is not going to prevent further acne outbreaks, the client needs to get a professional skincare regime. ·          Once the acne has dried out, the client can have plasma Fibroblast treatment or go for peels/micro-needling that will help with resurfacin