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Plasma Fibroblast "Scarring and Acne Spots"

 Are you unsure of the best ways to treat scarring with plasma fibroblast?

In order to address some of your questions and discuss the benefits of plasma fibroblast for scars here are some valuable tips.


For acne scarring:

·         The client's primary focus should be in treating the acne before addressing the scars.

Because treating acne is simpler than treating acne scars, it is crucial to treat the acne first because once acne scars have formed, they are extremely challenging to remove.


·         You should never do Plasma Fibroblast or micro-needling on active acne. If active acne is present, ask the client to visit a dermatologist to get the acne under control. Always advise your client that plasma treatment is not going to prevent further acne outbreaks, the client needs to get a professional skincare regime.

·         Once the acne has dried out, the client can have plasma Fibroblast treatment or go for peels/micro-needling that will help with resurfacing and pigmentation issues before plasma treatment.

·         The client's skin type and location on the body, the type of scar, ie hypertrophic or atrophic scar? When the skin fails to regenerate tissue effectively, an atrophic scar forms. Atrophic scars, in comparison to keloids and hypertrophic scars, appear indented because healing occurs below the expected layer of skin. The scar's age, and the client's nutritional condition are all elements that influence the treatment options.

ice pick, box, rolling scar

·         When someone has been using creams or ointments to treat acne scars, plasma fibroblast treatment should only be done after they have stopped using these creams or ointments for three to four weeks before plasma fibroblast treatment.


·         It is important to remember that a scar from any injury can take a full year to mature. During that time, the body is remodeling and trying to improve the scar tissue on its own. Most doctors or dermatologists will therefore not treat an early scar. Because scars take roughly a year to mature, it is usually best to wait before undergoing invasive treatment revisions.

·         Always attempt to treat scars separate from skin tightening where possible for the best outcome, rather book a separate booking for a client at a later stage when the skin is fully healed.

·         Always Pre-treat your client with Fitzpatrick 3 skin or higher, “, especially for darker skin tones”. With a tyrosinase inhibitor serum for at least 3 weeks+ before Plasma Fibroblast treatment to avoid pigmentation issues and advise them to continue using it following the treatment, as well as adding a product containing peptides for peptides can help ease inflammation, repair damaged skin, and even out skin tone.

·         Always do a small patch test with Fitzpatrick 3 skin or higher before proceeding with full treatment, see e-book 2 for detailed info on how to Avoid Pigmentation issues.

Please take note that each case will be unique, and you can combine Plasma treatment in combination with mentioned possible treatments as in my ebook 4


"In conclusion,  plasma fibroblast is a potent treatment for managing and reducing scarring, as well as enhancing the appearance of scars. Usually, multiple treatments are needed, and remember to always perform a small patch test on skin with a Fitzpatrick skin type of 3 or higher before proceeding with full treatment.

You can watch an intro video here on Youtube

ebook 4

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Please note! All in this article is based on our own experience and does not represent the views of any other salon or establishment.

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ROSASS strongly advises each of you to research your local legislation and/or governing boards. It is your sole responsibility to check and clarify all rules and regulations pertaining to your country, state, city, and county if you are planning to perform Plasma Fibroblast treatments.

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