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"Developmental skin issues and Scars" eBook 4

 "S kin Issues and Scars "  Therapists   ROSASS eBook 4 BRAND NEW! This is for technicians who need more knowledge on Skin Issues & Scars Covering the following: Visual identification (with pictures), Symptoms where on the body - Possible alternative treatments - Plasma Fibroblast Yes - No - Plasma Fibroblast Step by Step procedures - Tips & Healing - Aftercare and Detailed Mapping (with pictures) "where applicable". Topics Understanding scars, Atrophic scar, Ice-pick scar, Boxcar scar, Rolling Scar, Rhinophyma, Hypertrophic scar, Keloid Scar, Stretch marks, Needling, Self-harm, Xanthelasma, Spider veins, & Varicose veins. Easy understanding, Full coverage of plasma fibroblast Developmental Skin Tissue Abnormalities. This Book is for already trained plasma fibroblast Technicians You can go and watch the intro video here on Youtube Buy it here:  My Shop Please note! All in this article is based on our own experience and does not represent the views of an