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"Syringoma" and Plasma Fibroblast Treatment

What is a syringoma? A syringoma is an uncancerous, benign tumor brought on by overactive sweat glands. Syringomas are tiny papules, or firm bumps, that range in size. The papules normally develop in small groups and are: Skin toned, yellow, brown, and pastel pink. Syringoma clusters typically have an identical pattern on both sides of the body in the same spot. SYMPTOMS - WHERE ON THE BODY Although they can also develop on the belly, armpit, scalp, bellybutton, and genitalia, Syringomas typically develop on the neck, upper cheekbones, and lower eyelid region. A syringoma is a firm, pimple-like growth on your skin that commonly occurs on your face in clusters or groups. Syringomas are brought on by sweat glands that produce too much transpiration. These bumps are harmless to the body. POSSIBLE TREATMENTS Syringoma is not a risk and normally doesn't need to be treated. Individual lesions can, however, be eliminated using light electrocautery, laser vaporization, or plasma fibroblast