"How to improve the skin even more" Lesson 1.b

In today's lesson 1b we will discuss "How to improve the skin even more?"

Many individuals make the mistake of adopting a one-targeted approach when it comes to skincare, focusing solely on non-surgical procedures such as laser therapy, plasma fibroblast, or micro-needling without considering the importance of a comprehensive skincare routine and lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle

This approach may not bring significant results, as integrating all the elements is vital for preserving youthful and radiant skin.
The most important thing for the clients is the things that they do before and after any aesthetic treatment or even before a surgical facelift.

Skin treatments

Please understand that there is no other reliable way to directly address loose EXCESSIVE sagging skin or to change the facial shape than cosmetic surgery! “NOTHING”

Aging Process

To easier understand the process: On a cellular level, our cells that make collagen begin to get lazy, they stop making as much collagen, and as a result, the skin loses elasticity, when our skin is injured, it triggers a response where new collagen is produced to aid in the healing process, automatically causing the skin to appear plumper.

This reaction of producing new collagen when the skin is injured is a natural response of the body. Plasma fibroblast treatment works by delivering heat to the tissues, stimulating a tissue response that leads to both collagen production enhancement and skin tightening.
And if you keep this cycle going, the thinning of the skin and the loss of collagen can slow down or even stop.

Skin Aging process

As a result, if you follow this plasma fibroblast regimen consistently, you will continue to notice waves of collagen-building momentum, causing the skin to lift rather than decline, and if the client begins doing this while their skin is still supple and firm in their early 30ties, using needling or even a light plasma fibroblast treatment. they can maintain the levels of collagen as they age, of course, they need to undertake this together by sticking to the mentioned healthy skin routine and lifestyle.

Preventing the skin from aging in the first place is far easier to manage than trying to fill it from the ground up.

However, it is never too late to start, and would undoubtedly still be worthwhile and valuable.

You Can't control what happens to the facial volume, You can't control what's happening with excessive sagging, But you and the client have 100% control over what's happening to the aging of the skin.

  • In a nutshell, Cosmetic or Plastic Surgeons Focus on the sagging of the skin, the overall facial shape, and ( ie, the volume of fat transfers) They basically bring the entire soft tissue of the face back up in the original position; However, surgery doesn't do anything to the surface of the skin, you can have a surgical facelift and the skin will still look dull and tired even if it’s tightened,
  •  The Client should focus on healthier skin from the inside out with a healthier lifestyle and a skincare program.
  •  Dermatologists and aesthetic technicians Focus on promoting collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, minimizing pigmentation, and ultimately rejuvenating the skin. This is achieved in conjunction with the client following a healthy diet to restore the skin’s radiance, and brightness, and enhance collagen production. Think about plasma fibroblast as a skin-deep treatment, to stimulate collagen buildup, something to improve the overall quality of the skin, and as a bonus some light to medium tightening of the skin.
Before and direct After Plasma Fibroblast treatment

Hope you have a clearer understanding of the role we “each” play in preserving a youthful and radiant skin

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Happy Plasma!
—Susan Mouton

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