“The Secrets to Aging are in Your Hands” Lesson 1.a


As we age, our skin undergoes several changes that can affect its appearance, texture, and overall health. It is essential to learn about these changes and to maintain a good lifestyle and skincare routine to keep your complexion glowing and radiant.

I'm going to mainly explain to you how the skin ages and what the basics of a good skincare routine are.

When we are younger, our collagen production is at a high level, but as we age, starting in our early 30s, collagen production starts to decline, which also contributes to thinning of the skin

The most crucial concept you need to understand about skin aging is that it occurs at several different levels, which means that various processes are going on simultaneously.

Knowing what those changes are can help you select the best approach.

Aging how does the face age? So, there are a few components that happen when the skin is showing signs of aging and what changes are those?
  • The skin gets dehydrated, Wrinkles and fine lines start to appear it gets pigmented it loses collagen and the skin becomes thin and creepy with bigger pores, it overall gets dull and loses its luminosity and brightness
  • An increase in melanin production and results are discoloration of the skin, and broken capillaries, which cause red discoloration, age spots, and collagen loss
  • Then the face starts losing facial fat, it becomes deflated, hollowed and as a result, the face starts to look more tired
  • As we age the face also loses its shape and gets longer and more of a square face, so the face starts to sag at the corners of the eyes, the mid-face comes down the jaw line comes down the neck starts to sag, extra skin on the upper and lower eyelids appear, the top lip area starts to get longer, these are all gravitational changes that are happening to the soft tissues of the face which fundamentally changes the shape of the face more into a rectangle shape
When you combine all these factors, the skin appears less youthful looking, less luminous, more lined, wrinkled, and discolored, once you understand this you can properly address the skin issues.

You can advise your client on the following basics of caring for their skin before undertaking any aesthetic procedures or even cosmetic surgery.
  • Nutrition is crucial. We need a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, clean eating generally, consuming fewer processed foods, etc. This is of utmost importance! The skin is the body's greatest organ, and it reflects everything that is going on inside us.
  • It’s crucial to use a broad-spectrum sunblock because the sun accelerates the loss of collagen, increases pigmentation, and dehydrates the skin; the sun is a very important factor in the process of aging skin
  • Hydration of the skin will improve the skin's plumpness and suppleness.
  • The use of a complete skincare routine daily, that addresses all the issues and also improves hydration and oil production
  • Enough Sleep is very important. When we get less sleep, the skin reduces blood supply, the skin becomes dull, ash looking and loses its healthy glow
After doing all of the above, the next step is where we discuss further treatment in the next lesson "How to improve the skin even more?" and that's where plasma fibroblast, lasers, or needling, etcetera come in.

Any type of these procedures i.e. plasma fibroblast, lasers, or needling etcetera can help to increase collagen stimulation and also combat dull-looking dry skin. 

What YOU CAN DO to make your skin as healthy as can be:

  • The use of enzymatic exfoliators for exfoliation, (enzymes digest dead skin)
  • The use of of Retinol, Vit C, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid
  • Sun protection
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, By drinking lots of water, Eating whole foods, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Low sugar, Not highly processed
  • Getting good sleep
  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid stress
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—Susan Mouton

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