How To Slow Down Aging

 Aging how does the face age?

Before and 12 weeks after

Let's examine in detail to see what cautions and care you need to take before determining which particular type of skin rejuvenation, such as plasma fibroblast, etcetera is right for you.

When we are younger, our collagen production are at a high level, but as we age, starting in our early 30s, collagen production starts to decline, which also contributes to thinning of the skin.

The most crucial concept you need to understand about skin aging is that it occurs at a number of different levels, which means that various processes are going on simultaneously.

Knowing what those changes are can help you select the best approach.

Different levels of skin aging

  • The skin gets dehydrated, Wrinkles and fine lines start to appear it gets pigmented it loses collagen and the skin becomes thin and creepy with bigger pores, it overall gets dull and loses its luminosity and brightness
  • An increase in melanin production and results are discoloration of the skin, broken capillaries, which cause red discoloration, age spots, and collagen loss
  • Then you start losing facial fat, The face becomes deflated and hollowed and as a result, you start to look more tired
  • As we age the face also loses its shape and gets longer and more of a square face, so your face starts to sag at the corners of the eyes the midface comes down, the jaw line comes down, and the neck starts to sag, you start to see extra loose skin on your upper and lower eyelids, your top lip area starts to get longer, these are all gravitational changes that are happening to the soft tissues of the face, which fundamentally changes the shape of the face more into a rectangle.

When you combine all of these factors, the skin appears less youthful-looking, less luminous, more lined and wrinkled, and discolored, so once you understand this you can properly address them

But please understand this, there is no other reliable way to directly address loose excessive sagging skin and the facial shape than surgery, they basically bring the entire soft tissue of the face back up in the original position, however, surgery doesn't do anything to the surface of the skin, you can have a surgical facelift and the skin is still looking dull and old even if its tightened.

So what makes a person to look younger?

Is both the facial shape and healthy-looking skin! and the 2 of them brought together to give you an overall younger-looking appearance.

So in a nutshell

Cosmetic Surgeons focus on the sagging of the skin, and the overall facial shapeYou with your healthy lifestyle & skin routine focus on healthier skin from the inside & the outside.

Dermatologists & Aesthetic technicians focus to reduce wrinkles, and fine lines, boosting the production of collagen, reducing the production of pigmentation, and in the end, rejuvenating the skin to restore its luster and brightness and enhance the collagen production and actually some shrinking of the skin.

7 Days post plasma pen treatment
7 Days Post Plasma Fibroblast treatment

The mistake most people make

 Is to adopt one targeted approach; by getting non-surgical procedures such as laser therapy, plasma fibroblast, micro-needling etcetera, without realizing that they don't address all the other issues, as mentioned, which are essential for younger-looking skin.

So, what are the basics of caring for the skin correctly before undertaking any aesthetic procedures or even cosmetic surgery?

  • The use of a broad spectrum sunblock is crucial because the sun accelerates the loss of collagen, increases pigmentation, and dehydrates the skin, the sun is a very important factor in the process of aging skin.
  • Nutrition is crucial. You need a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, clean eating generally, consuming fewer processed foods, etc. We cannot express enough how important this is. The skin is your body's greatest organ and it reflects everything that is going inside of you.
  • Enough Sleep is crucial. When you get less sleep, your skin becomes dull, reduces blood supply, ash looking, and loses its healthy glow.
  • What you use to hydrate your skin and how much you hydrate it will improve the skin's plumpness and suppleness.
  • And the use of a complete skincare routine on a daily basis that addresses all of the issues and improves hydration and oil production.

Plasma Fibroblast pen before & after
Before and After stages 12 weeks post Plasma Fibroblast treatment

How can I improve my skin even more?

After doing all of the above the next step is where you start thinking "how can I improve my skin even more?" and that's where plasma fibroblast, lasers, micro blading cosmetic surgery etcetera comes in.

Any type of these procedures except for surgery can help to increase collagen stimulation. On a cellular level your fiber blast which are the cells that make collagen begins getting lazy they stopped making as much collagen and so as a result of that the skin loses elasticity.

In order to do that there's one simple thing to understand it better, is an injury to the skin, which causes your skin to plump up through the production of new collagen buildup because it's trying to heal itself for example when you injure yourself it heals with a scar.

Anytime you create an injury it responds by creating new collagen, which is like the heat creates an injury and as a result, stimulates theoretically again more collagen and creates a little bit of contraction so the idea is that by disposing of heat onto the tissues, you're getting not only a tissue response but also getting a little bit of a shrinkage result, so it enhanced the collagen production and actually shrinking of the skin.

Keep this cycle going

And if you keep this cycle going you never going to see thinning of the skin and loss of collagen in the face or neck area. The neck and eye area is especially important because it's actually finer, to begin with, and without any type of care it ends up coming very creepy
So if you do this on a regular basis you're going to continue to see waves of collagen-building momentum, so instead of your skin going downwards it's going upwards,

But if you start doing this when you're skin is still firm and plump doing needling, laser, or a light plasma Fibroblast treatment you're going to maintain the levels of collagen, of course, you need to do this together with all of the above mentioned healthy skin lifestyle.

Preventing your skin from aging

That's why preventing your skin from aging
in the first place is much easier to maintain than trying to fill it up from the ground but it's never too late to start and would definitely still have merit and value.

With Plasma Fibroblast you get more shrinking of the skin and better results than you will get with example micro needling.

Some technicians take the plasma fibroblast shrinking concept a bit too far and try to call it some type of replacement for a facelift and try to talk about it as something that is going to treat excess looseness and sagging of the skin and this is where it completely fails, why take the risk when there's no chance that you're going to actually be able to lift the face and create a truly comparable result as with a surgical facelift, it just doesn't make any sense, so rather think about plasma fibroblast as a skin-deep treatment something to improve the quality of the skin, to build collagen and as a bonus some light to medium tightening for some.

The most important things

Are the things that you do before you even enter the medical spa or aesthetic practice. Which is a sun protection, diet, exercise, sleep, and the use of a good skin care that you do on a regular daily basis.
  • You Can't control what happens to your facial volume
  • You Can't control what's happening with sagging
But you have 100% control over what's happening to the aging of the skin, if you think you don't you're so wrong, if you want evidence for this just look at people who have lived this mentioned lifestyle and they're in their sixties & seventies and their skin literally looked like they are in their thirties or forties because of the fact that they've taken great care of their skin all along

Every one of these components has a specific place in order to get the most satisfactory results and to fight those changes.
"If you do use this advice your skin's only going to get better"

Please note! All in this article is based on our own experience and does not represent the views of any other salon or establishment.

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